Tuesday, July 31, 2012


July 31, 2012

Chicken Shish Taouk: Chicken breast marinated in 14 spices, skewered and fire grilled, accompanies by a saffron rice pyramic and grilled vegetables - 2

Lamb Kefta: Hand crafted freshly ground lamb sausages, seasoned with onion and parsley, accompanied by saffron rice and grilled vegetables - 2

Merguez: Savory spiced made in-house lamb sausages, sautéed with wine and served with a vegetable tagine on a bed of couscous - 2

Crispy Cauliflower: Seasoned florets battered in corn flour, flash fried and accompanied by a sesame dip and pickles - 2

Complimentary tapas - 2

Chicken Boudin: Sautéed stips of chicken breast, finised in a pomegranate reduction, accompanied by dry fruits and walnuts, nestled on couscous and drizzled with honey - 1

Grand Marnier espresso creme brulee - 2
Capoiera Caipirinha: Sugar cane cachaca, crushed sugar and freshly muddled lime - 2

Island Escape: Cranberry infused Vodka, pomegranate juice, fresh mint & coconut water - 1

Witches Fear: Elderberry flowers and fresh lemon with mint and soda - 1

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