Friday, October 05, 2012

Spice Islands Indonesian Restaurant

October 5, 2012

Lemper - Chicken rice roll: Minced chicken filling seasoned with kaffir lime, rolled in sticky rice - 2

Gado Gado - Indonesian salad: mixed vegetables and a spiced peanut sauce - 2

Resolis - Chicken crêpe roll: Creamy chicken filling wrapped in a crispy crêpe - 2

Ayam Goreng Asam -Tamarind fried chicken drumettes: Chicken drumettes marinated in a spiced tamarind sauce, then deep-fried until golden brown - 2

Perkedel - Potato cake: potato-beef cake with a crispy outer shell - 2

Satay - beef & chicken: Meat skewers marinated using a special house recipe and grilled over an open flame - 2

Sayur Kari - Curry vegetables: Various vegetables simmered in a special house curry sauce - 2

Samble Babi - South Sumatra pork: Pork shoulder slowly cooked in a spiced coriander sauce - 2

Singang Ayam - Sumatran grilled chicken: Chicken marinated in a complex kaffir lime, lemon grass sauce, then grilled over an open flame - 2

Rendang Daging - Sumatran spiced beef: The most well-known Indonesian beef dish, slowly cooked with over 13 different exotic spices - 2

The Flying Dutchman: Indonesian shrimp and pork fried rice , served with tamarind fried chicken, BBQ jumbo tiger prawn skewer, sambal egg & egg - 2

J's comment > REALLY spicy

Ikan Bali - Bali fish: Deep-fried sole fish fillet topped with our very own galangal prawn sauce - 2

Warm ginger and apple cake - 2

J's comment > this was the dessert of the day and is not on the menu; this was WAAAAY better than the 'signature' spekkoek below

Spekkoek – Layered butter cake: The renowned multi-layered butter cake with aromatic spices also known as the Lapis Legit - 2

J's comment > definitely not an award-winning dish (this was featured in the Vancouver Magazine, May 2012 edition)

Young coconut juice - 2

Shredded Coconut: syrup drink with shredded coconut flesh - 2

J's comment > this needs to be stirred before every sip

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