Friday, November 02, 2012

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

November 2, 2012

Gorkhali khasi; goat sauteed in various spices and flavorful Nepali curry sauce - 2+

Himali chicken; spice marinated boneless chicken cooked and simmered in rich creamy tomato sauce - 2+

Lamb Chilli; Boneless lamb, green chilli, bell peppers, onions sautéed in mild Nepali spices - 2+

Finger chicken; deep-fried chicken drumsticks  marinated overnight and dipped in ginger garlic minty vinaigrette sauce - 2

Piro shrimp; shrimp marinated in ginger garlic and chili paste. Spiced, grilled and garnished with fresh lemon juice - 2+

Taas; special Nepali snack prepared with grilled lean, lamb meat, cucumber and spices. Served with puffed and beaten rice mix - 2+

Pokhara lamb; boneless lamb marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger garlic paste and gentle Nepali spices - 2

Kathmandu Sekuwa; tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yogurt fresh ginger and spices  - 2

Aalu Achaar; Potato salad garnished with lemon juice, mustard oil and mixed with Himalayan herbs - 2

Khukuri banana; rum-flamed banana and ice cream with honey and almond sauce - 2

Chai flavored creme brulee - 2

Dudhbari; popular Nepali dessert with sweetened milk spheres in pistachio flavored syrup - 2

Lassi; refreshing mango yogurt drink - 2

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