Saturday, December 29, 2012

Federico's Supper Club

December 29, 2012

Brasato di Manzo: Braised beef short rib, crispy gorgonzola polenta, roasted root vegetables - 3

Spaghettini alla Bottarga: Grated sundried Sardinian mullet roe aglio e olio, peperoncino, fresh parsley - 2+

J's comment > Good, loved the little nuggets of braised beef, but Campagnolo Roma's better

Carpaccio: House made sterling beef carpaccio extra virgin olive oil, truffle oil, arugula, shaved Grana Padano - 2

J's comment > Black and Blue's better, Federico's carpaccio pieces just a tad too thick and sinewy

Gamberoni Saltimbocca: Prosciutto wrapped tiger prawns, stuffed with a scallop mousse and fresh sage, served with vanilla confit fingerling potatoes - 2

J's comment > Prawns cooked beautifully, but flavour overall not strong

Taglierini con Gamberoni: Ribbon pasta, seared tiger prawns, white wine, touch of cream - 2

J's comment > good flavour, but I thought pasta too stringy for the creamy flavour; I was expecting a more fettucine like pasta for this dish

Agnello Brasato: Braised lamb shank served with risotto Milanese - 2

J's comment > Not as 'fall-off-the-bone' as I would like, flavour OK

Bread & butter - 2+

Tiramisu: Layered espresso dipped lady fingers mascarpone cheese mousse - 2

J's comment > technically good on all counts, but a tad too bitter for me; I prefer the tiramisu @ Boulangerie Cho Pain

Panna Cotta: Vanilla bean infused cream pudding caramelized orange sauce - 2

Latte - 2+

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