Friday, December 21, 2012

Forage @ the Listel Hotel

December 21, 2012

Fanny Bay clams, merguez, sea cider, romesco - 2+

Charcuterie, chicken liver parfait, pickled walnuts, ipa mustard - 2

J's comment > parfait good, but the rest was meh

Foraged and cultivated mushrooms, Okanagan goat cheese, grilled caraway rye - 2

J's comment > very earthy, not bad

Squash pierogies, birch syrup vinegar reduction, smokey potatoes, scallion crème fraîche - 2

J's comment > pasta good, rest was meh

Bison tongue ravioli, cress, crispy parsnip, grilled matsutake, braising jus - 2

J's comment > good, but portion much too small

Dungeness crab cake, horseradish aioli, Barnston Island greens - 2

Double-fried pork cutlet, mustard greens, bull kelp, pickled cipollini’s - 2

J's comment > Japanese pork katsus better; sorry, no pic

Albacore tuna, blackberry and fir jelly, chantarelle, brown butter gnocchi, hazelnuts, squash - 2

J's comment > tuna cooked right, but fishy

Pacific Provider salmon, Pemberton potatoes, "bread n butter" sea asparagus, pickled huckleberries - 2

J's comment > salmon was dry, slightly fishy

Roast bison bone marrow, parsley salad, crisp sunchokes - 1

J's comment > very gamey and fatty; note to self, stick to just beef bone marrow; sorry, no pic

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