Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Guu Garden

December 4, 2012

Kanto-daki broth: Light salt and dashi broth based oden - 3

Mochi tofu bag - 3

J's comment > better than the ones in Lawson in Honolulu!

Ton Toro: Sea salt grilled pork cheek with yuzu ponzu - 2+

Agedashi mozzarella: Deep-fried tempura battered mozzarella cheese in a kanto-daki broth topped with green onion and dried seaweed - 2

Miso-oden broth: Rich haccho-miso based broth oden - 2

Mochi tofu bag - 3

Fried tofu - 2

Free range egg - 2

Miso kakuni: Haccho-miso stewed pork belly with half-boiled egg - 2

Unagi nuku-sushi: Steamed sushi in a traditional steamer, topped with BBQ eel and sliced omelet, served with dried seaweed and pepper - 2

Sockeye salmon oshi-sushi: A block shaped, lightly seared, Cajun spiced sockeye salmon sushi topped with sliced onion, grated horseradish and ponzu - 1

J's comment > rice too hard, not enough salmon in proportion to the rice. Miku much better.

Kabocha pudding: Baked Japanese pumpkin pudding with caramel - 2

Last Samurai: Sho-chu, ramune, sour plum and shiso herb - 2

Ramune - 2

Tokyo Mojito: Sake, ramune, mint and lime - 2

J's comment > sorry, no pic

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