Sunday, December 30, 2012


December 30, 2012

Butter milk roasted farmcrest chicken: Celery salad, helmer potatoes, chorizo crumble - 2+

J's comment > Chicken breast cooked to perfection, but not very flavorful

Yarrow Meadows Duck: Caramelized onion puree, mustard greens, sherry lentils, pineau de charantes jus - 2+

J's comment > Duck cooked to perfection, but again, not enough flavour

Diver Caught Scallops: Glazed wild mushrooms, celeriac in textures, banyuls brown butter - 2

J's comment > Scallops cooked nicely, but flavour a little weak

Lobster Gnocchi: Butter poached lobster, Yukon gold potato gnocchi, thyme emulsion - 2

J's comment > couldn't help comparing this dish to Diva at the Met's. Diva wins hands and feet down.

Butternut squash agnolotti: Black truffle, spaghetti squash, avonlea cheddar - 2

Lobster Ceviche: Marinated 1/2 lobster, yuzu dashi - 2

J's comment > lobster texture beautiful, but it was a shame I couldn't taste the lobster flavour; the lobster was completely overwhelmed with the yuzu and celery leaves

Amuse bouche - 2

Bread and butter - 2

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate creme brulee - 2

Baked meringue with dark chocolate mousse and raspberries - 2

Chocolate cake layered with cream cheese butter cream - 2

J's comments > the cake was too hard, but the sorbet on top was delish

Cranberry panna cotta with sour cream cake: Poached quince with fresh mandarine and pomegranate seeds - 2
Petit Four: Chocolate truffles - 2

Eggnog circa 1888 (Harry Johnson's recipe), bottle aged: Organic eggs, Jamaican rum, French brandy, milk & fresh nutmeg - 3

Geishagave, bottle aged: Cazadores blanco tequila, sake, jasmine green tea syrup, jalapeno & fresh lime - 2

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