Monday, January 21, 2013

Il Giardino di Umberto

January 21, 2013

Spinach souffle with Tuscan pecorino fondue and grilled baby leek - 3

Porcini scallops: Scallops encrusted with porcini mushrooms, with Thai chili tomato sauce - 3

Pappardelle: Fresh handmade pasta with a rabbit and brunello wine ragu sauce - 2+

Ossobuco braised with tomatoes and red wine - 2

J's comment > The server was really nice and offered to switch the risotto for the pappardelle (J loves pappardelle)

Spaghettini ai frutti di mare with fresh chilies , lobster , clams , mussels , prawns and calamari - 2

Bread and butter - 2

Tiramisu scented with fresh orange mascarpone cream cheese - 2+

J's comment > technically perfectly made. But somehow, it lacked 'soul'

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