Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mosaic Grille @ the Hyatt

January 22, 2013

Roasted Chestnut Bisque with porcini cream - 2+

J's comment > flavour yummy, but texture a bit thick for me

Long line BC Gray cod with parsley root puree, crispy brussels sprouts, clementine’s vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > fish cooked very well, but not much flavour; portion also on the small side

Handmade Pappardelle Pasta: Butternut squash, chanterelle cream sauce - 2

J's comment > too al dente for my liking, I sent it back for a 'softer' version, and it came back just slightly better

24 hour braised Spring Creek short ribs: Roasted root vegetables, garlic, tarragon jus - 2

J's comment > dry

Bread and butter - 2

Pineapple panna cotta - 2+

Dulche de Leche - 2

J's comment > I could just cry; this is one of my favourite desserts and it just didn't resonate like the one I had prior on July 24, 2012 :(

Raspberry Drop - 2

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Extra comment
This is one of my top three favourite restaurants, but the food just wasn't stellar this time around. I found out during the meal that the executive chef was on vacation, hence perhaps this was why?

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