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Diva at the Met

February 7, 2013

Butter poached atlantic lobster: Yukon gold gnocchi, roasted onions, lobster emulsion - 2+

J's comment > flavour the same as the dish we tried in Nov 2012, but the Nov 2012 dish had more broth and the gnocchi pieces were bigger, which I prefer. However, today's dish with the smaller pieces of gnocchi definitely tasted like there were more lobster pieces.

Diva roll: Tempura nori roll, black cod, ponzu - 2+

Qualicum bay scallop: Taramasalata, black radish, cilantro, croutons - 2

J's comment > totally different from the dish we tried in Nov 2012! This isn't bad, but I prefer the Nov 2012 dish...

North arm farm sunchoke soup: 63C organic egg, pork hock and sunflower seeds - 2

J's comment > better than the sunchoke soup at Oru. This one tastes like breakfast. :)

Yarrow meadows duck: Pomegranate, walnuts, orange, black kale - 2

J's comment > duck slightly sinewy

Duo of lamb: Slow cooked neck, sirloin, jerez lentils, carrot, balsamic jus - 2

Bread and butter - 2

Amuse bouche: Granny smith apple & celery foam - 2

Avocado marquise: Coconut, calamansi, black sesame - 2

J's comment > loved the powdery almond, but calamansi a tad too sour for my liking. 'Avocado' beautifully executed though.

Oreo: Vanilla pudding, aerated chocolate, cassis sorbet - 2

Pineapple smash - 2

Papa doble: Havana club anejo blanco, maraschino liquer, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup - 2

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