Wednesday, February 27, 2013

En Cuisine

February 27, 2013

Avocado roll - 2+

J's comment > great thinking on the part of the chef; the avocado was not ripe, so he tempura fried it to soften it, and made it taste good.

Hamachi nigiri: Yellowtail - 2

Bintoro nigiri: Albacore tuna belly - 2

Aburi Salmon nigiri - 2

Tamago nigiri: Egg - 2

J's comment > there was WAAAY too much wasabi in the nigiris. Sorry, but Octopus Garden definitely nails every single nigiri in comparison

Aburi Salmon: Japanese style wild salmon carpacchio flash grilled and seasoned with wasabi, lemon sea salt and capers - 2

Giant Eggplant Dengaku: Tender giant eggplant served with Japanese miso (soy-bean paste) and sesame seed sauce - 2

Haccho Miso Lamb: Tenderly grilled French-cut lamb imported from New Zealand, and marinated in a five-year ripened haccho miso with a side of Japanese sour plum rice - 2

Ume Kyu (sour plum and cucumber) maki roll - 2

Calamari Rice Bridge: Braised baby squid in a ginger, garlic, light soy reduction sauce with a toasted rice bridge - 1

J's comment > I think the entire squid was braised, innards and all, gross....

Sapporo beer - 2

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