Sunday, March 10, 2013


March 10, 2013

Brom Lake Duck Breast: Stewed white beans, brown butter cherry demi - 2+

J's comment > Really good duck, best I've had quite frankly, loved the beans too

GK pork & beans: Stewed white beans, red wine reduction  - 2+

J's comment > loved the stewed white beans, pork good too, but too much beans proportionate to pork

Alexander Keith beer fried oyster: truffle oil, leek jus, tagliatelle noodle - 2+

J's comment > oyster not fishy at all, deep fried very nicely, crisp, strong truffle oil, almost overwhelms everything else, noodles were clumpy

Dungeness crab, scallop risotto: Basil puree, charred bell pepper - 2

J's comment > bell pepper and crab nice, scallop cooked OK

Lobster Fritter: Masa butter, corn, chili lime tomato dip - 2

Short Rib Duo: Short rib ravioli, short rib, blue cheese crumble, red wine reduction - 2

J's comment > Ravioli better than the actual shortrib

Olive bread with butter - 2

J's comment > butter good, bread so-so

Beyond cheese plate - 2

J's comment > for a 'cheese plate' I expect at least 3 kinds of cheese, and if you serve blue cheese, there must be something sweet like honey usually, to go with it

Cannoli: Chocolate ricotta filling - 1

J's comment > the ricotta filling was mealy :(

Warsteiner: non-alcoholic bottled beer - 2+

J's comment > beer without alcohol! Tasted just like 'regular' beer, but I'm not a beef aficiando...

Fig Fashion: Makers mark bourbon, triple sec, giffard "thyme infused fig", bitters, muddled oranges & cherries - 2

Extra Comment
I could taste that the chef had skill, but was perhaps not in the 'right mood' today? It felt like everything was just slapped together, and some items were just recycled (the beans and red wine sauce). Lots of (too much) starch, as if the message was 'get stuffed'. Still, the duck was unparalleled...

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