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Mosaic Grille @ the Hyatt

March 7, 2013

Al a minute smoked skuna bay salmon with maple matured sherry bourbon oak vinegar and avocado terrine - 3

J's comment > this has a really beautiful presentation that unfortunately I couldn't capture with the camera.

Seared ocean wise baja scallops with stinging nettles and antebellum grits - 3

Sous vide Australian lamb (4oz): Pan fried with grilled foraged ramps, sunchoke mash and port wine demi sauce - 3

J's comment > this was actually "put together by ourselves", in that you can create your own entree by selecting the protein, starch, veggie, method of preparation and sauce. Our server's recommendations were taken and perfection was the result.

Crispy skin all natural chicken with roasted new potatoes, pickled radish and tarragon jus - 2

J's comment > Flavours were good, a bit salty for me, but the disappointment was that the skin wasn't crispy :( I actually had the opportunity to notify Chef Thomas and he apologized and gave us complimentary desserts (see below)

White Asparagus Bisque with truffle & cheese gougère - 2

Biscuits & butter - 3

J's comment > so good!!

Pineapple panna cotta with fresh berries and macarons - 3

J's comment > As mentioned above, this was a complimentary dessert from Chef Thomas because (I think) of the non-crispy chicken skin. Fabulous dessert. Not yet on the menu, but soon to come. Actually, come to think of it, the panna cotta was offered as part of the Dine Out menu, but it wasn't nearly as good as this one.
Virgin mango daiquiri - 2+

J's comment > the thin straws made it a little hard to drink through.

Virgin berry mojito - 2

J's comment > really sour!!

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Extra comment
You can tell that Chef Thomas puts a lot of care and thought into his dishes. From the not-so-pleasant experience on Jan 22, 2013 during Dine Out, the dishes today tasted like redemption.

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