Monday, March 04, 2013


March 4, 2013

Foie gras, rice bowl, chestnuts, daikon, unagi glaze - 3

Mushrooms, sugar snap peas, egg, soy yuzu brown butter - 2+

J's comment > loved the mushrooms, egg was cold...

Fried chicken wings - 2+

J's comment > better than Phnom Penh's, but not better than Octopus Garden's

Beef tataki, black garlic, gruyère, woodear, wasabi mayo, chips - 2+

J's comment > good, but I don't think the cheese worked

Special of the day: Crispy pork skin and salmon skin - 2

J's comment > really crispy, not 'porky' or 'fishy' at all

Scallops, fried polenta, brussel sprouts, XO, caper raisin - 2

J's comment > I don't think the XO sauce worked well with this dish

Rice cakes, pork belly, tomato sauce, furikake - 2

J's comment > tomato sauce definitely didn't work well with this dish. Pork belly a tad dry too.

Chocolate fritters with matcha cream - 2+

J's comment > Yumm!!! Really rich and heavy though, definitely an item to share

Meringue, yuzu curd, vanilla, celery - 2+

Cordova: Cucumber, jasmine, orange - 2

Absinthe frappe - 1

J's comment > Note to self: absinthe means 'licorice'. J hates licorice

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