Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Mexican

March 13, 2013

Pastor taco (right): Thinly grilled pork slices in adobo sauce - 3

Carnitas taco (left): Secret recipe for a tender braised pork - 2+

J's comment > Pastor YUM! Carnitas slightly dry and salty, but good.

Pollo tostada: Shredded Chicken with a red sauce, beans, lettuce and chorizo bits topped with sour cream and feta cheese - 2+

J's comment > tostada very crisp, but chicken dry

Picadillo quesadilla: Traditional ground beef with veggies - 2

J's comment > this is more like an empanada me thinks; a bit too much dough, a bit too little filling

Chicharron en salsa roja: Deep fried pork rinds braised on a red tomato salsa - 2

J's comment > I expected crispy, but the rinds were almost like mush. Flavour OK

Jarritos: Tamarind - 2+

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