Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zakkushi on 4th

March 26, 2013

P-toro: pork neck - 3

J's comment > The P-Toro @ the Main street location is a tad better I think.

Momo: chicken thigh, with teriyaki - 3

Mochi kin: rice cake wrapped in tofu skin - 3

Goma-ae: Boiled spinach w sesame sauce - 3

Norimayo Tsukune: Chicken meat ball w teriyaki sauce, seaweed & mayo - 2+

Left to Right

Umeshiso Yaki: Chicken thigh w sour plum & Japanese basil (shiso) - 2+

Negima: Chicken thigh w Japanese leek (sea salt) - 2+

Buta Ume Skewer: Charcoal grilled wrapped pork belly w sour plum & Japanese basil (shiso) - 2+

Kamo Eringi: Charcoal grilled duck breast & king mushroom w yuzu citrus chili - 2+

Tsukune: Chicken meat ball w sea salt - 2

Chicken liver - 1

J's comment > not a chicken liver fan...

Yuzu Cheesecake - 2+

Kinako Mochi Ice Cream: Soy powder sprinkled vanilla ice cream & deep fried sticky rice w maple syrup - 2+

J's comment > loved the mochi! Would have liked to have a different ice cream. Note to self, ask for black sesame or green tea next time

Green tea tiramisu - 2+

Kuro Goma Ice Cream: Homemade black sesame ice cream w raspberry syrup - 2

Matcha Ice Cream: Homemade green tea ice cream w red bean paste - 2

Inexpensive sake (a huge jug for only $12!) - 2+

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