Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diva at the Met

April 18, 2013

Prime beef tenderloin with king oyster, red wine & bone marrow jus (bordelais sauce) - 3

J's comment > OMG! The tenderloin was really to die for!

Chilled foie gras with preserved fig, raisin, halva - 3

J's comment > the sheet is the foie! Really melts in your mouth, oh so good! Only thing is the stuff underneath can easily overwhelm the foie flavour, so portion cautiously.

Smoked black cod with potato puree, asparagus, celery nage - 2+

J's comment > very very good. Only slight drawback was the cod was just the slightest bit overdone; you can see the sear 'glued' the cod together.

Lamb tartar with green olive tapenade, sorrel puree, cracked wheat - 2+

J's comment > the lamb isn't gamey at all, actually the olive is slightly too overpowering, but then I'm not a fan of olive so I'm extra sensitive to it.

Amuse bouche: Orange vanilla bean soda - 2+

Bread and butter - 2

Dark chocolate praline bar with caramelized milk semifreddo, hazelnut crumble - 3

Oreo: Vanilla pudding, aerated chocolate, cassis sorbet - 2

Blanco adonis: El Jimador tequila, martini bianco, tio pepe sherry, regan's orange bitters - 2+

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