Wednesday, April 03, 2013


April 3, 2013

Escargots and chicken cooked in butter with scrambled egg - 3

Terrine of duck foie gras: Cherry, yogurt, brioche - 2+

J's comment > brioche could be crisper, foie gras could be a tad stronger in flavour

Pork shoulder cooked in milk with turnips, black kale, salsa verde - 2+

J's comment > very moist, but sauce a tad strong on its own or the vegetables, you need to dunk the pork in the sauce to dilute the flavour of the sauce

Dungeness crab and chickpea toast with toasted brioche, light garlic custard, carrot pickles - 2+

J's comment > lovely, but crab was overwhelmed with everything else so I couldn't really taste it

Bacon brioche - 3

Cheese stick - 2+

Sesame crisp - 2+

Sticky toffee pudding with ginger and honey ice cream - 3

J's comment > really really really good pudding! I don't like ginger, and it is strong in the ice cream, wouldn't touch it actually, but I will totally order this everytime just based on the pudding itself, this is a fav

Banana poundcake with passion fruit mousse, caramelized white chocolate - 2

J's comment > I got to choose a free dessert for L'Abattoir's bday promo and this was what I picked

Airmail Cocktail: Anejo rum, clover honey, fresh lime, sparkling wine - 2+

J's comment > just like a mojito! "Same same but different" :)

Slaughterhouse: Cognac, Rye, sugar, Elixer Vegital, orange oils, aromatic bitters, Green Chartreuse mist - 2

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