Saturday, April 20, 2013


April 20, 2013

Tojo's Tuna (signature dish): Tuna sashimi with special sesame and wasabi sauce - 3

Northern Light Roll: Wild prawn tempura, avocado and seasonal fruit rolled in a cucumber crepe - 2+

J's comment > definitely skillness. Each piece, when picked up, remained intact

Lobster temaki - 2+

Assorted nigiri - 2

J's comment > I frankly couldn't taste the difference amongst all of them (other than the unagi which was a 2 - too much sauce) because each piece had a whole whack of wasabi underneath. Now the server had asked if we were OK with wasabi and we said yes, but really? So much wasabi that you can't taste the star ingredient (the fish)? Very reminiscent of En Cuisine... Octopus Garden remains my favourite for nigiri in Vancouver.

Black sesame panna cotta (complimentary, freebie promo from the Sakura Bento) - 2

J's comment > Mosaic's Waaaaaay better.

Sake Lemonade: Sake, ginger liqueur and lemonade - 2

J's comment > can't really taste the sake

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Extra Comment
We had to actually ask for the nigiri menu; I don't think nigiri is Tojo's specialty, but then isn't that the mark of a true chef specializing in Japanese cuisine? Based on the menu and the nigiri, Tojo's reminds me strongly of En Cuisine, which I didn't like either.

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