Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bistro Pastis

May 8, 2013

Les Moules Marinieres: Steamed mussels, white wine and shallots - 2+

Le Parfait de Foie Gras: Foie gras and smoked chicken liver terrine, pickled vegetables, toasted brioche - 2+

Duck kefta, apricot, pistachio, pressed yogurt and herb salad - 2

Ras el Hanou roasted half chicken, sweet potato and pine nut bulgur, green olive and caramelized onion ragout - 2

Le couscous royal, chicken brochette, merguez, braised lamb and vegetable tagine, couscous and harissa - 2

Navarin d'Agneau et Agnolotti: Herb crusted lamb shoulder, goat cheese and potato agnolotti, zucchini, tomatoes, lamb jus - 2

J's comment > lamb was kinda dry

Bread and butter - 2

Coffee stewed dates, walnut phyllo pastry, cardamom ice cream - 2

Orange blossom yogurt mousse, pistachio shortbread - 1

J's comment > the 'mousse' was just a mound of goop. Shortbread was unimpressive too.


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Extra Note
We tried to use a Letsgofordinner voucher but it doesn't work anymore at this location.

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