Saturday, June 01, 2013

Golden Harvest / 金稻海鮮酒家

June 1, 2013

Deep fried tofu with golden garlic ('gum sa dow fu') - 3

Pan fried rice cake in Shanghai style ('nien go')- 3

Deep fried meat dumplings ('ham sui gok') - 2+

Steamed crystal prawn dumplings ('har gow') - 2+

Baked fresh milk with egg custard tarts ('dan tat') - 2+

Seafood salad roll ('hoi seen guen') - 2+

Steamed spareribs with pumpkin - 2+

Deep fried squid tentacles w peppery salt - 2+

Rice flour rolls wrap with chinese donut ('tsa leung') - 2+

Steamed rice flour rolls with beef - 2+

J's comment > note to self, next time ask for just the rolls, no beef (I prefer it this way, nothing wrong with the beef here)

Golden Harvest baked BBQ pork buns - 2

J's comment > the topping you see here is sweet

Steamed meat balls with bean curd sheets - 2


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