Friday, June 14, 2013

Octopus Garden

June 14, 2013

Hamachi nigiri - 3

Albacore toro nigiri - 3

Foie gras nigiri - 3

Tamago nigiri - 3

Chirashi sushi (off the menu) - 2+

J's comment > the 2+ really doesn't do it justice, it's really very good  but it's not a 3 for me because I don't like ginger, which you can randomly pick up a lot when eating. If I can distinguish where the ginger is in the chirashi and eat only a bit of it with each mouthful, then it would be a 3 for me.

Sada-san firing up a Wagyu Kagoshima steak (sorry for the blurry pics!)

Wagyu Kagoshima steak - 2+

J's comment > again, the 2+ doesn't do it justice, but the fallback here is the hot pan kept heating up the steak and over cooks it if you don't eat quickly. If you eat too quickly though, you're not enjoying the experience, so as Sada-san suggested, which we foolishly ignored, get the Wagyu Iron show instead, because you can then put the perfectly cooked steak pieces on top of the sliced onion.
Deep-fried jumbo chicken wings - 2+

J's comment > just a tad salty, but in general I've decided the portion is too much if I want to eat more nigiri, which is what you do at Octopus Garden, so I'm going to think twice before ordering this next month.

Silver fish nigiri - 2+

J's comment > FYI this fish apparently swims vertically. It's like a leaner version of hamachi.

Spinach Gomaae: Marinated in house special black sesame sauce - 2+

Takowasa - 2+

Oolong Tea: A traditional Chinese tea with a woody and thick taste with roasted aromas - 2+

Strawberry Ramune - 2


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