Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pok Pok

June 23, 2013

Pok Pok Special: Half roasted natural game hen with a small green papaya salad, sticky rice & dipping sauces - 2+

Cha Ca "La Vong": Catfish marinated in turmeric and sour rice, fried in turmeric oil with scallions and dill, served on rice vermicelli with peanuts, mint, cilantro and mam nem - 2+

J's comment > rice vermicelli very unique, have never tried this type before

Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings: Half dozen fresh whole natural chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, tossed in caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce and garlic, served with Vietnamese table salt - 2

J's comment > a tad salty
Khao Phot Ping: Corn on the Cob grilled and slathered w salty coconut cream - 2

Sticky rice from the Pok Pok special - 2

Yam Makheua Yao: Smoky charcoal grilled long eggplant salad w spicy dressing of Thai chilies, lime, fish sauce and palm sugar, topped w boiled egg, dry shrimp, pork, prawns, shallots and crispy garlic - 1

J's comment > eggplant really smoky

Vietnamese Coffee: Filtered Stumptown espresso - 2

Hibiscus tea - 1

J's comment > too sweet
Drinking Vinegars: Apple, mild sweet and tart drinking vinegar, mixed w soda water - 1

J's comment > very vinegary indeed

Whiskeysoda Float: Homemade bourbon ice cream and cola float with a brace of Amarena cherries on top - 2

J's comment > couldn't taste much of the Whiskey


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