Sunday, August 25, 2013


August 25, 2013

Traditional Afternoon tea - 2+

(from top clockwise)

Coconut bar - 2+

Shortbread w gummy drop - 2+

Butter tart - 2

Lemon loaf - 2

Chocolate cupcake - 2+

Chocolate caramel bar - 2+

Chocolate tart - 2

J's comment > Be warned: the coconut bar is REALLY sweet. Loved the shortbread but I don't think it needed the gummy drop. Butter tart was light and 'puffy', but not flaky. Lemon loaf was a bit dense. Chocolate cupcake was moist. Chocolate caramel bar was rich. The tart shell for the chocolate tart lacked 'character'; I mean, if it's a chocolate tart, the tart should be a pretty awesome sidekick, if not the star.

(left to right)

Raisin scone - 3

Lemon cranberry scone - 3

Devon cream & jam - 3

J's comment > This was definitely the highlight of the afternoon tea. The scones were slightly on the hard side on the exterior, but just moist enough on the inside. The cream and jam really takes the already delish scones to a whole new level. Don't miss this! BTW, you can ask for more cream if you need (I do!). Really glad that the scones lived up to Butter's namesake.

(from top, clockwise)

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich - 2

Tuna sandwich w chips - 2

Egg salad sandwich - 2+

Quiche - 2

Ham and cheese croissant - 2

Curry bun - 2

J's comment > the cucumber sandwich tasted bitter when I first bit into it. I took it apart and sure enough there was a slice of cucumber that was on the offside. I advised the server who was nice about it and gave me a replacement, which was better. The tuna sandwich had two chips sandwiched between the buns. Good, but slightly strange. Just by looking at the savouries, it appears quite overloaded on carbs :(

(left to right)

Rose marshmallow sample - 2+

Cherry marshmallow sample - 2+

Mackenzie Black Maple: A blend of organic black tea, shaved almonds and natural maple flavor - 2+

J's comment > the maple flavor really shines through


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Extra Note
The afternoon tea set above was for one person. Personally I couldn't finish it all. I would totally be OK sharing this tea set with someone. FYI, if you make reservations, you have to get the Traditional Afternoon tea.

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