Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deacon's Corner

August 13, 2013

French Toast: 3 slices of thick cut bread, cinnamon, egg, french bread w sausage - 2+

J's comment > very well done french toast; thick and yet fluffy with just a bite of the egg

Southern Fried Chicken marinated in buttermilk & spices w slaw & gravy - 2+

J's comment > you can substitute the slaw with fries if you want. Chicken was juicy although deep fried, but a tad salty though.

Slow-cooked beer braised pork ribs w spicy rub in a tangy BBQ sauce w fries, slaw & backed beans - 2+

Mexicano Scrambles: 3 eggs scrambled w chorizo, pepper, onion, cheese & salsa w corn bread- 2

J's comment > it works really well if you eat the scrambles w corn bread

Raven Cream Ale - 2+


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Extra Note
We had a Groupon for this.

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