Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dunn's Famous

August 31, 2013

Classic Hot Dog: 1/4 lb beef hot dog on a baked hoagie w classic fixings served w coleslaw & soup - 2+

Appetizer Platter (left to right)

Latkes: Traditional potato latkes fried up golden, served w sour cream - 2

Chicken Wings: 1 lb of wings honey garlic & salt & pepper - 2+

Fried Pickles: Dill pickles coated w beer batter & fried golden, served w house-made red pepper mayo dipping sauce - 2

Beef Dip Poutine: Cheese curds & roast beef sliced over caramelized onions w au jus sauce - 2

Reuben: Montreal smoked meat double stacked on dark rye w sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese served w coleslaw - 2

Poutine Quebecois - 2

Super Giant Smoked Meat: 8oz of hand-sliced smoked meat piled high on light rye bread served w coleslaw and soup - 2

Hot Chicken: Chicken breast on sliced white bread covered in gravy, topped w 'mushy' peas - 2

Cookies and Cream shake - 2+


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