Saturday, August 17, 2013

Golden House / 福陞海鮮酒家

August 17, 2013

#11 Deep fried squid feelers - 3

J's comment > waaay better than the night market options. Really really well done.

#23 Chef's Specialty: Deep fried tofu - 2+

J's comment > good, but Golden Harvest's better

Squab - 2+

J's comment > tasty, but a tad salty and skin could be crispier

Stuffed crab shell - 2+

J's comment > there are actual chunks of crab inside! Unlike others where I only see strands

#22 Baby greens w gofi berry in soup - 2

Deep fried eggplant w shrimp - 2

#39 Chicken feet w black bean sauce - 2

#04 Beef balls in chicken soup - 2

J's comment > very tender, much more so than other beef balls I've had before, but laced with cilantro which I don't like...

#37 Seafood w abalone sauce on rice - 2

Deep-fried sticky sweet potato balls w black sesame filling - 2+

J's comment > love this pic; looks like Mickey!


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