Tuesday, August 27, 2013


August 27, 2013

Egg & Shrimp: Shrimp, bacon, spinach & lightly scrambled eggs with soy sauce flavour - 2

J's comment > tastes like 'chinese fried rice' but with noodles

Peperoncino: Tender chicken strips & vegetables with minced peppers, with a hint of garlic - 2

J's comment > slightly spicy

Mentaiko: Spaghetti tossed in spicy Mentaiko (cod roe) with Shimeji and dried seaweed on top - 2

J's comment > definitely fishy

Garlic toast w spinach pesto - 2+

Powder Snow w condensed milk and azuki red bean sauce - 2+

Orange juice - 2+


Spaghetei すぱげっ亭 on Urbanspoon

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