Tuesday, September 03, 2013


September 3, 2013

Bison Tartare and Marrow: Bison tartar, bone marrow, crispy rice - 3

J's comment > really really good (and rich)! Good portion of marrow, not just two scoops, lovely tartar, not smelly in the least. You can mix the tartar and marrow together to eat it that way, but I prefer them separate, putting some on the Crispy Rice Cakes every so often. Waaaay better than the bison marrow at Forage (see Dec 21, 2012 visit)

Crispy Pork Belly: Hong kong bbq style, w maple hoisin sauce - 3

J's comment > marble fat throughout the meat underneath the crispy skin (admittedly, slightly more fat than meat, but it's SOOO good). Perfectly paired w the Steam Buns (below). FYI the owner came over to say hi and during our conversation we gleaned that Bambudda makes its own pork belly from scratch! Very well done indeed.

Steam Buns - 2+

J's comment > oh so soft and fluffy! An excellent (and must-have) compliment to the Pork Belly.

Eggplant: Baked w house made black bean sauce - 2+

J's comment > very flavourful, can definitely polish this off on its own, but tastes better with either the Steam Buns or the Crispy Rice Cakes (below).

Crispy Rice Cakes - 2+

J's comment > an excellent substitute for just plain rice to any of the other dishes.

Skins: Oven roasted chicken crackling, salt pepper lime dip - 2+

J's comment > very crispy indeed! You do need the salt and pepper lime for flavour though.

Tea Eggs: Quail eggs poached w black tea and chinese ham - 2+

J's comment > there was actually also truffle in this dish, which was a pleasant surprise! Egg yolk poached very well, maybe a bit on the cooked side. I do admit I'm not a fan of egg yolks in general though.

Tsui Hang: Dark Horse rye infusion of salted plums, goji berries, all spice and star anise, Budweiser syrup, Tio Pepe, iron budda tea and Bittered Sling Moondog bitters - 2+

J's comment > goes very well with the above dishes. The presentation and flavours definitely made it feel like Asian dim sum at night.


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