Monday, September 30, 2013


September 30, 2013

Gold Bags & Crispy Moon: Ground pork, prawn, garlic with Thai marinated sauce wrapped with crispy pastry served with Thai sweet Chilli sauce - 2+

J's comment > Crispy Moons were awesome, Gold Bags were OK

Pumpkin red curry w chicken, pumpkin, bell pepper, Thai basil w jasmine rice - 2+

J's comment > still a curry, but definitely different from the usual green/red curry stuff you get elsewhere

Drunken stir fried w chicken, green pepper, corn, Thai holy basil - 2

Coconut jasmine rice - 2

Beef Satay: Grilled beef in skewers marinated in turmeric mixture and serve with peanut sauce and cucumber relish - 2

Taro custard cake - 2


Thai Benjarong Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Extra Note
We had a SocialSchopper for this.

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