Saturday, September 07, 2013

Beta5 Chocolates

September 7, 2013

Banana cream pie cream puff - 2+

Black forest cream puff - 2+

Blueberry & yuzu cream puff - 2+

Coconut & passionfruit cream puff - 2+

J's comment > it was more passionfruit and less coconut

The entire selection of Beta5's chocolates (to date)

(left to right, top row to bottom)

Banana chocolate w filling of caramelized white chocolate blended w fresh banana, Venezuelan rum and vanilla bean - 2+

Olive Oil: Filing of an earthy 67% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic w a grassy Spanish 'Picual' olive oil - 2+
J's comment > just a flash hint of the Olive Oil on the first bite

Lemon Verbena: A herbaceous lemon scent w 67% dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic -

72%: A 72% dark chocolate ganache garnished w cocoa nibs - 

Crispy Praline: A blend of 45% milk chocolate w caramelized hazelnut and cocoa nib praline, and crispy feuilletine - 

Imperial Stout w blended Green Flash Brewing Co.'s Double Stout w a 45% milk chocolate filling - 2+

J's comment > tasted more caramely than 'stouty'

Earl Grey: Premium Russian Earl Grey tea infused into a ganache made w 67% dark chooclate from Silo Torne - 2+

J's comment > just a flash hint of the Earl Grey on the first bite

Whisky: Japanese Nikka Whisky from the barrel blended w 67% dark chocolate from Silo Torne - 2

Jasmine: Chun Feng Jasmine tea infused into a 45% milk chocolate ganache - 2+

J's comment > just a flash hint of the Jasmine on the first bite

Tobacco: Premium Kentucky pipe tobacco w 64% dark chocolate ganache from Papua New Guinea - 2

J's comment > I didn't get any tobacco flavour from this chocolate

Coconut-Lime: White chocolate filling of coconut milk, lime zest & shredded coconut, in a white and dark chocolate coconut shell - 2+

Espresso: A blend of 66% dark chocolate from the Chiapas region in Mexico w locally-roasted 49th Parallel espresso beans - 2+

J's comment > definitely espresso-y

Buttered corn chocolate - 2+


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