Sunday, October 20, 2013


October 20, 2013

Crab Salad: Fresh crab meat and crispy tempura flakes mixed w ginger mayonnaise - 2+

Salmon Tartar: Chopped salmon, avocado & cucumber served on a shiso leaf tempura - 2+

J's comment > the shiso tempura was very well done, flavours were all quite good.

Assorted Nigiri (left to right)

Bintoro - 2

Salmon - 2

Hamachi - 2

Ebi - 2

Chopped scallop - 1

Tuna - 2

Tara Miso: Marinated black cod in miso on a bed of brown rice and a side of spring mix salad w Thai dressing - 2

Yakitori: Chicken skewers - 2

J's comment > Yakitori is supposed to be grilled. This obviously isn't and drowned in teriyaki sauce, it was just disappointing.

Yaki Nasu: Grilled eggplant - 1

J's comment > I prefer miso eggplant. The bonito flakes on this yaki nasu made the eggplant way too fishy. In a very bad way.

Caramel custard - 2


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Extra Comment
This was part of the 2013 Taste of Yaletown.

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