Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Vancouver Christmas Market

November 22, 2013

Das Deutsche Nudel Haus

Spatzle w cheese & ham topped w fried onions - 2+

J's comment > would have liked more ham and the cheese could be more stringy (then again the weather outside freezes everything solid on impact) but spatzle very well done.


Das Schnitzel Haus

Jager-Schnitzel: Sauteed mushroom gravy, served on a plate w potato salad - 2+

J's comment > schnitzel would be dry without the gravy, but nonetheless deep fried well, potato salad very good too


Flammkuchen Kueche

Alsace style flatbread, Classic: Spede (bacon), onions, creme fraiche (sample) - 2

J's comment > good, but just the slightest bit soggy.


Canadian Kettle Korn Extreme

Caramel Korn (sample) - 2+

J's comment > very crisp and light, none of the 'stick-to-your-teeth' feeling you get sometimes w other corns

Candy Meister

Sweet raspberry (sample) - 2+

Homemade marshmallow (sample) - 2+

J's comment > a bit harder than other marshmallows I've had, but I think this texture is better


Cinnamon Apple Spice - 2

J's comment > AKA apple juice...

J's comment > the apple juice is actually $5, the menu is wrong.

Extra Comment
We got a $10 voucher each courtesy of car2go to spend on food, so in all we just paid $9 extra for the drink and a bit extra for the schnitzel.

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