Thursday, November 21, 2013

Akbar's Own

November 21, 2013

Butter Chicken: Boneless chicken breast cooked in creamy tomato sauce - 2+

J's comment > I don't think I've ever come across a butter chicken I didn't like. Very generous amts of chicken in this one though.

Prawn Goa Curry: Jumbo prawns cooked in coconut, onion sauce & Indian spices - 2+

J's comment > Very generous amts of prawns, curry not as thick as the butter chicken, but quite nice nonetheless.

Chicken Pakora: Chicken breast dipped in special batter and deep fried - 2+

Vegetable Samosa: Traditional Indian pastry stuffed w potatoes & peas - 2

J's comment > Chicken fried quite well, juicy still; to be fair to the samosa, it was actually not bad, but I'm a meat eater, so anything entirely just veggie automatically ranks low.

Naan: White unleavened bread baked in a tandoor oven - 2+

J's comment > very soft and fluffy, just dunk in curry, much, repeat

Rice - 2

Palak Paneer: Homemade cheese cooked w spinach, onions and Indian spices - 2

J's comment > quite a thick curry, but alas veggie dish that I think vegetarians will rank higher given my predisposition.

Ras Malai: Indian style cheese patties served in saffron and cardamom cream - 2+

J's comment > as we ordered off the 'Dinner for Two' special set, the server graciously acquiesced to our request to trade our mango ice cream for the ras malai.

Mango lassi - 2+

J's comment > I found the special 'Dinner for Two' promo online here, and I printed it out and took it to Akbar's. Don't know if you can still get this menu in house if you don't have the coupon from their website...

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Extra Comment
As stated above, everything except the lassies and ras malai were from the 'Dinner for Two' special, which I thought was quite well done. For once in a very long time that I can remember, we got our protein (butter chicken), seafood (prawn goa curry) and veggies (palak paneer) all in one meal! I would have just ordered butter chicken and polished that off on its own.

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