Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lin / 林餐館

November 10, 2013

Lunch special #13: Honey prawn w rice - 2+

#107 Shanghai style rice cake - 2+

J's comment > slightly softer than I prefer, but very good otherwise.

#10 Xiao / Shao long bao: Shanghai juicy pork dumpling - 2

J's comment > skin was thin, didn't rip, and very juicy, but meat was a bit weird; just like my previous post more than a year ago, it was a bit 'mushy' I thought. I still prefer Shanghai Xiao Long Bao and Long's Noodle House

#68 Tea-smoked duck (half portion) - 2

J's comment > very 'tea-ish' tasty for sure, but duck was dry and as a lover of crisp duck skin, this just wasn't there. I acknowledge that perhaps this dish was not meant for the items I prefer, but nonetheless that is my preference and I can only rate it according to taste. Pun fully intended.

Complimentary chicken corn soup (came with the lunch combo above w the honey prawns) - 2


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