Friday, November 01, 2013

Mamie Taylor's

November 1, 2013

The Fried Chicken: Buttemilk biscuits, spaghetti squash, spiced pumpkin seeds, gravy - 2+

J's comment > surprisingly juicy despite the thickness of the chicken. Skin was nice and crispy, but would have liked more of it. My ideal would be smaller pieces of chicken adding up to the same amount, so that I can have more crispy skin. 

Corn bread & biscuit w jalapeno bourbon butter - 2

J's comment > the corn bread was a tad flakier than I like. It's hard to smother it in butter if the bread falls apart between your fingers.

Monte Cristo: Smoked veal tongue, wonder bread, 1000 islands - 2

J's comment > basically a grilled cheese sandwich w the smoked tongue. Sorry, Pourhouse still reigns supreme.

Burger w yellow mustard, tomato relish, dills, fontina, skinny fries - 2

Pork Chop: Corn bread stuffing, bacon wrapped apple, roasted kale, jus - 2

C.P.B.'n'J.: Chocolate peanut butter tart, concord grape 'jelly' - 2+

J's comment > very rich, very tasty. This was complimentary as one of our dining members knew the owner.

Old fashioned - 2


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