Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oakwood Canadian Bistro

November 17, 2013

Halibut cheeks, bacon lardon, chanterelle mushrooms, lentils, kale, crackling - 2+

All Canadian poutine, brisket, fries, curds, gravy - 2+

Duck Duo, breast, confit thigh rotolo, butternut squash, pickled fennel - 2

J's comment > duck was cooked very well, and the rotolo was a nice concept, but the whole dish was infused with fennel/anise/licorice, which I dislike.

Fried octopus, bacon aioli, pickled shallots, komatsuna - 2

J's comment > great flavour, but didn't really 'get' the octopus. It was just a chewy piece of something with good flavour.

Flying porks, maple mustard - 2

J's comment > goes well with the mustard, but tad salty on its own

Burger, smoked cheddar, relish, buttermilk onions, alfalfa sprouts - 2

J's comment > too salty. FYI, you get to order how well cooked your burger is. The person who got this wanted it medium rare, but that was still too rare for me. I can do beef tartare, but somehow in a burger it just seemed wrong... note to self, ask for medium in the future.

Three Masons
(clockwise from top)

Peanut butter and chocolate mousse, peanut brittle - 2+

Maple creme caramel, pecan shortbread, cranberry gel, vanilla caramel - 2+

Goats cheesecake, blueberry compote, ginger crumb - 2+

J's comment > the Peanut butter mousse was actually pretty rich and heavy, but nonetheless very tasty. The Creme caramel was the lightest dessert of all three and had a really soft panna cotta consistency. The crumb in the cheesecake was just impossible to dig out, you have to try really hard.

Chocolate Old Fashioned: Makers Mark, chocolate liqueur, walnut bitters, orange - 2

J's comment > chocolate flavour not very prominent


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