Sunday, November 10, 2013


November 10, 2013

Navabi Lamb Korma: Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a creamy cashew, coconut & raisin gravy - 2+

Surkh Murg Tikka: Slow cooked boneless chicken breast marinated in spices and yogurt cooked on skewers in a Tandoori oven, served w coriander, tamarind chutney & shahi sauce - 2+

J's comment > chicken was dry but was OK if you drowned it in the sauces that the dish comes with; the shahi sauce tasted like a watered-down version of the butter chicken curry

Plain Basmati Rice: Basmati rice flavoured w cloves, cardamom & green peas - 2

J's comment > the curries don't come with rice, you have to order this separately

Butter Naan: Fresh baked Indian bread glazed w butter - 2

J's comment > not soft at all, the naan was almost too hard to chew through

Complimentary pickles - 1
J's comment > tasted like an Indian version of umeboshi (Japanese plum)

Gulab Jamun: Traditional dumplings made of thickened milk, soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup, served warm - 2+

J's comment > not quite as fluffy as I remember from my previous visit

Mango & Mint Lemonade - 2+

Malabar Lassi: Yogurt blended w coconut pulp & flavors of rose & cardamom - 2

J's comment > as lassi goes this was very watery, but had lots of coconut, also just a tad too sweet; totally didn't get the rose flavor


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