Thursday, November 28, 2013

Silom Village

November 28, 2013

(clockwise from left)

Tom Yum soup - 2+

Veggies - 2

Sweet and sour fish - 2

Green chicken curry - 2

Pandan wrapped deep fried chicken - 2

Rice - 2

J's comment > the only thing worthy of mention is the tom yum soup which was surprisingly very tasty. Everything else was meh: the pandan chicken was tad salty and the other dishes were very 'food court'

Deep fried spring rolls - 2

Watermelon - 2+

Pineapple - 2+

J's comment > this is Thailand, you can hardly expect their fruit to suck unless the restaurant tries really hard. Silom Village has its hands full prepping for the show than to mess around with the fruit.

Maitai - 2

Singha - 2


View from the terrace of the restaurant

Extra Comment
Definitely eat before or plan to eat after the show; you're paying for the show, the food is really nothing special. Show was OK. BTW, expect to be gouged for water. 80 Baht for bottled water!?! Unheard of at Thai restaurants; it's 10 Baht on the street, and 30 at restaurants. Also, make sure you make it all the way inside the building and up the stairs at the very end. Try not to be distracted by the food on the way there - those are not part of the dinner/show.

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