Saturday, November 30, 2013


November 30, 2013

#20 Dumplings w pork & beef: Boiled traditional Russian dumplings made of thin dough and stuffed w beef and pork - 2+

J's comment > OMG, really tasty, we asked for half beef and half pork (the actual filling was one or the other, not a mix). Either beef or pork were excellent. The dill in the soup base enhanced all the flavors most excellently.

#26 Chicken skewer - 2+

J's comment > very very tender

#20 Tandoori chicken (half portion): Chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and spices - 2+

#1 Borscht soup: Beetroot, mixed vegetables & beef served w sour cream - 2

J's comment > definitely different from what Vancouver serves up, this version is more watery, and flavors more subtle.

#26 Pork skewer - 2

J's comment > pork a tad dry

#69 Puri: Puff of deep fried unleavened bread made w plain white flour - 2

#65 Butter Naan: Classic leavened bread made w white flour and baked in clay oven and topped w butter - 2

J's comment > both a tad too greasy, I thought the 'puff' would actually look like a puff, not like a deflated airbag...

#28 Russian Lemonade: Home made Russian lemonade (fruits boiled w sugar) - 2

J's comment > actually not sweet nor sour at all, kind of like a milk ice tea.

#29 Ayran: Mixed yogurt and basil - 2

J's comment > like an unsweetened lassi

Yellow Mojito: Passion fruit, triple sec, fresh mint, lime, brown sugar topping w soda - 2

J's comment > all the sugar sunk to the bottom (it wasn't mixed well?) so got a whole mouthful of sugar when I first tasted this.

Shisha / hookah - 2

J's comment > definitely an experience...


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