Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wagamama @ Konbiniya

November 19, 2013

Chicken Karaage & chicken cutlet bento - 2+

J's comment > FYI, I asked the lovely lady at the order counter for the 'half-and-half', one pc of chicken nugget and 2 pcs of chicken karaage; usually you get either the full order of the karaage or cutlet. The karaage outshined the cutlet for sure though, I would just get the karaage next time. Very juicy.

Takoyaki - 2

Pocky, Midi: Green tea - 2

J's comment > I prefer the original, more balanced chocolate to actual stick.


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Extra Note
I believe the ready to eat items in the take out corner of Konbiniya are all made in-house by the lovely lady at the order counter where I got my freshly made bento, judging by the sticker on the bento and ready to eat items that are all labeled 'Wagamama'.

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