Friday, December 27, 2013

Diva at the Met

December 27, 2013

Chilled foie gras w membrillo, raisins, halva - 2+

J's comment > different presentation of the foie from last visit Apr 18, this one is denser in medallion shape instead of the sheet form, but equally good

Prime beef tenderloin w braised root vegetable fricassee, spiced beet gravy, bone marrow crust - 2+

Cured salmon w rye soil, pickled sea asparagus, salsify - 2+

J's comment > not as good as the Mosaic smoked salmon, but after the horrid encounter on Dec 21, I can't say for sure anymore.

Complimentary amuse bouche: Orange foam w vanilla - 2+

Tofu & kelp beignets w yuzu kosho, lime mayo - 2

J's comment > a good fry but could use some kind of sauce

Complimentary bread and butter - 2

Tiramisu w star anise anglaise - 2+

Scotch old-fashioned - 2


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