Tuesday, December 17, 2013


December 17, 2013

Grilled Pork Cheek: Original miso marinated pork cheek served w homemade blended spice - 2

Green Salad: Organic greens, radish, avocado, tomato, fried bean curd w mixed vegetable dressing - 2

Rock'n Kobe: Stone grilled marinated kobe beef w 2 kinds of sauce - 2

Grilled Black Cod: Grilled homemade sweet miso marinated black cod w yuzu miso sauce - 2

J's comment > the sweetness didn't go, and the red stuff you see on top was tomato, so the whole dish was kinda like 'Grilled Black Cod Bolognese' without the beef.

Deep Fried Satsumaage: Takoyaki style mixed seafood pate w blue cheese, cabbage, red ginger, topped w okonomi sauce & bonito flakes - 1

Buche de Noel: Baileys soaked sponge cake rolled up w chocolate cream w chocolate chips & mixed nuts - 2

J's comment > good flavor, but slightly dry.

Almond Tofu w Jasmine jelly topped w dried berry - 2

J's comment > very light flavour of almond and tad stiff.


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