Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mari Chu's shojin-ryori (Japanese Zen Buddhist vegan cuisine)

December 28, 2013

(clockwise from top left)

Cracked burdock - 2

White sesame 'tofu', yuzu citrus chili - 2+

'Red & white' pickles - 2

Braised vegetables - 2+

Konbu kelp roll - 2

Creamed kabocha pumpkin - 2+

Komatsuna vegetable, sesame miso dressing - 2

Grilled gingko nuts, sea salt - 2

'Red rice' triangles - 2

J's comment > as a dedicated meat eater, this vegan meal was actually not bad; the tofu had a stiff but interesting texture that I quite liked, and the creamed pumpkin had a good kinda thick texture too.

Amazake: Sake lees drink, citrus (non-alcoholic) - 2+

J's comment > smooth and tasty, but a tad thicker than I like and it had none of the actual lees which I like to have in my amazake, like Octopus Garden used to serve.

Roasted brown rice green tea - 2


Extra Comment
For those wondering what the heck a meat lover, anti-healthy-anything person is doing at this event, I actually really like Japanese food traditions, and for the new year, the Japanese celebrate with o-sechi, and I thought Mari's vegan style mini o-sechi most suitably quenched my desire for same.

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