Sunday, January 19, 2014


January 19, 2014

Canard aux Marrons: Spice rubbed duck breast, wild berry, chestnut hummus, brussels sprouts & pistachios - 2

J's comment > duck cooked OK, not perfect, but passable, didn't get the chestnut flavor

Salade d'hiver: Charred baby carrots, macerated kale, crisp pappadum, pomegranate, tahini & miso emulsion, espelette vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > a pretty salad, but still a salad.

Gambas et chorizo: Olive oil poached prawns, grilled chorizo, escabeche vegetables, avocado & Peruvian peppers - 2

J's comment > chorizo was cold, prawns was slightly fishy (in the bad way), could have used a lot more avocado puree on the dish

Duo de Truites: Cured & panseared steelhead trout, swiss chard, sultana, capers, shaved zucchini, meyer lemon & parsnip puree, mustard sauce - 1

J's comment > Like the prawns, the trout (both ways) was slightly fishy in the bad way, shaved zucchini was way to sour, sad that the 'best' of this dish was the swiss chard roulades on the left.

Plateaux de Fromage: Selection of cheese, tomato jam, mulled wine jelly & mixed nuts - 2

J's comment > the cheese w the wine jelly was slightly better than the others, the tomato jam, whilst interesting, wasn't exactly mind-blowing.

Meli Melo de Fruits: Coconut raspberry pannacotta, green apple sorbet, macerated Asian pear - 2

J's comment > loved the sorbet & pear, but the contrast of the raspberry's sourness and the coconut richness was too stark; also, the 'pannacotta' was more like a pudding, not stiff in the least

Chimay Blue: Smells of jasmine & apples, w a slightly bitter hazelnut finish - 2

Duchess de Bourgogne: Flemish ale w hints of falernum & balsamic - 2

J's comment > a really unique beer, it tastes like a beer and wine mix

Satan Gold: Crisp & full bodied, toasty hops on the finish - 2

2014 Dine Out menu (runs until Feb 2)

J's comment > note that Chambar is only serving up the Dine Out menu during the Dine Out festival

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