Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chocolate Arts

January 25, 2014

A Snowball's Chance in Hell: Single origin Mexican chocolate with Mexican chili poured over house made chocolate ice cream. Accompanied by a flourless chocolate cookie. - 2

J's comment > the most interesting presentation, the ice cream is iced and hard enough that it holds its solid form slightly longer than you'd expect, creating a really interesting texture/temperature when drinking the hot chocolate, with the cold ice cream to follow; quite spicy too. Available until Feb 14.

Put de Lime in de Coconut: Single origin Venezuela chocolate with organic coconut and kalamansi lime. Accompanied by a toasted coconut shortbread. - 2

J's comment > meh... didn't really get the coconut. Available until Feb 14.

Brownies: Chocolate, free range eggs, flour, cocoa - 2

J's comment > dense, slightly chewy, not bad.

Chocolate chip cookie - 2


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