Monday, January 13, 2014


January 13, 2014

Fish & Chip Cones: Tempura cod, japanese tartar sauce - 2+

J's comment > ingredients were balanced and tasty, most surprisingly, the cone didn't fall apart when I bit into it; I half expected the paper crepe cone to melt away but it totally held up

Tuna Poke: Ahi tuna, mango, cucumber, avocado, spicy sesame soy - 2

J's comment > tuna was fresh, and the other ingredients were good, but it was just so-so

Bouillabaisse w saffron fennel broth, shellfish, local fish, garlic baguette - 2

Complimentary prawn beignet - 2

J's comment > didn't get much prawn flavor, definitely no prawn chunks


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Extra Comment
Lunch was 25% off, this week only!

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