Thursday, January 02, 2014


January 2, 2014

Corn Bread Azul w Guajillo chili butter - 2+

Pork Belly Confit w maple chipotle and tamarind glaze, chicharon, patacones, minced onion and jalapeno - 2

J's comment > Although this was good, this was like the child of the Asian style braised pork belly and the crispy pork belly (eg. Bambudda), and I think the parents fare way better on their own.

Wild Mexican sea prawns w pipian verde, butter browned corn arepas - 2

J's comment > prawns were good, arepas were passable

Grilled husked baby corn w butter and pequin - 2

J's comment > a new corn concept, but I prefer my kernels

Mole Lamb Albondigas w sardo parmesan browned garlic popcorn - 2

J's comment > the lamb was OK, but the popcorn really didn't go, lending a certain 'husk' taste to the dish that didn't belong.

Dulce leche w churros - 2

J's comment > really rich, churros were tad dense for my liking, Tapas 23's churros are much better

Virgin mojito w pear - 2

J's comment > didn't taste the pear at all under all the lime


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