Thursday, January 16, 2014

Epicurean Caffè Bistro

January 16, 2014

Pizza Buongiorno: Thin crust pizza baked with two sunny side eggs, pancetta, mozzarella & fresh arugula - 2+

J's comment > OMG! Best thin crust pizza ever! The crust is practically a very well baked pita w just the right amt of cheese on it (enough so that it's cheesy, it is pizza after all, but not too much that it drowns out the egg and pancetta flavors). The edges are actually crunchy! Very well done, will definitely come back to try their other types of pizza. BTW, they are willing to separate the eggs if you just want egg whites; I don't like egg yolks, but didn't ask for this option as I have been so used to other breakfast joints refusing to do this; found out about this option after I was done eating :(


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