Saturday, January 04, 2014

Lift Bar Grill View

January 4, 2014

Mac & Cheese: Grana padano & mascarpone cheese, local, fresh dungeness crab - 2+

J's comment > very generous whole chunks of crab in the mac and cheese, and the mac and cheese was pretty good too

Buck a Shuck oyster - 2

Assorted Sashimi Plate
(left to right, top to bottom)

Albacore - 2+

Salmon -1

Dorade - 2+

Hamachi - 2

Prawn - 2

J's comment > the salmon had a weird after taste, the hamachi was slightly slimy, I never liked the slimy after taste of the prawn, but this was better than most I've had in the past

Flat irong steak & frites: Certified alberta beef flat iron steak, french fries, chermoula, w black truffle mayonnaise - 2

J's comment > the server was very nice and tacked on the mayo so we could try the truffle fries too. Fries were pretty good, the chermoula didn't really work

Dynamite Roll: Tempura prawn, avocado - 2

Crab Cakes: Local, fresh dungeness crab, almond lemon mayonnaise, crispy capers - 2

J's comment > slightly heavy on the ginger

Charcuterie Plate: Serrano ham, duck pepperoni, chorizo, salami, grilled bread, olives, mustard - 2

Skyy Fall: Skyy vodka, beefeater gin, grapefruit liqueur, lillet blanc - 2


Ipad menu

J's comment > very cool concept that I feel obliged to point out. You can see the pic next to the description on the Ipad

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Extra Note
It's 50% off the bar menu everyday from 3pm to 6pm. Needless to say we pigged out ;)

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